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Nouveauté au Bar a vitamines
choisissez le traitement dont VOUS avez besoin



ajout de 15 ou 20 unités de botox dans votre cocktail a un effet durable sur les pores dilatées et la peau grasse ainsi que les ridules

15u  100$          20u 120$


Vitamin Bar

A personalized Cocktail for your skin


Anti-wrinkle vitamin treatment

This service is renowned for its remarkable results on all skin types. Microinjections of a non-volumizing blend of vitamins and hyaluronic acid is ideal for improving fine lines, parchment and dehydrated skin, as well as enlarged pores.


Platelet-rich plasma PRP

The PRP treatment also called Vampire lift is  a treatment that will exceed all your expectations. A blood sample is taken first in the same way as your blood test is done by your doctor. Your blood will then undergo a  centrifugation which will separate your red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma. The latter will be reinjected into the targeted area of your face by superficial microinjections to nourish your skin like no cream can.


Vitamin treatment for your complexion

Micro injections of a precise blend of vitamins specially designed to even out the complexion and reduce pigment spots, hyperpigmentations or grayish complexion.

Hair loss


Micro injections of PRP to stimulate the follicles. Effective in promoting hair regrowth as well as  slowing hair loss and strengthening new follicles.

Treatment lasting  around 40 minutes with minimal pain following the application of an anesthetic cream 20 minutes before the treatment
Redness for a few hours following the injections. Avoid Retinol and sun for 48h 
It is recommended to do 4  treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for long-lasting results. Thereafter, a maintenance twice a year according to the needs of your skin.

Stretch marks and acne scars


PRP treatment micro injections and\or vitamins to nourish your skin and stimulate new collagen to improve the texture of your skin 
effective from the first treatment, but optimal results after 3-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart




380$ par traitement

Forfait 4 traitements

1220$ pour 4 traitements

Rabais 300$

Cocktail PRP

420$ par traitement

forfait 4 traitements  1380$

Rabais 300$

Facial Intemporel

460$ le traitement 

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