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Our selection of treatments

  Quality care adapted to your needs

Vitamin bar

The difference you are looking for

This service is renowned for its remarkable results on all skin types. Dull skin, fine lines, dark circles, a choice of cocktails is available according to your skin's needs to deeply nourish it, beyond what the most expensive creams_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_can do


  • - Anti-Wrinkle: wrinkles and fine lines, parchment skin 

  • - Stabilizer: skin pigmentation, dark spots, enlarged pores

  • - Vampire Lift (PRP): dull skin, smokers, bluish dark circles

  • - Alopecia:  hair loss men or women

Price according to needs assessment, starting at $380 per treatment

15% off your first treatment 

4-6 treatments are suggested for lasting results

**Vampire Cocktail $420

Recommended 4-6 treatments 4 week interval for optimal results


anesthetic cream

vitamin cocktail injection

soothing mask

post-treatment creams x 7 days

Possibility of redness for a few days after treatment

avoid sun and Retinol creams for 48 hours




per treatment

Recommended 4-6 treatments 3-4 weeks apart for optimal results

Numbing cream to reduce discomfort

Fast processing, 

possibility of redness for a few hours after treatment

Possibility to do a single session for  Radiance of your skin before an important Event

(plan the treatment 2 weeks before your event to avoid redness)

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